Our Services

Strategic Advice

We offer strategic advice on technical matters relating to projects involving buildings and site infrastructure. Our extensive experience within the industry mean that we can provide expert advice that give our clients peace of mind and safeguard projects from potential difficulties.

Client Advocacy

We like to think about you and your needs. We tailor our services to be in your best interests and ensure you get the most value from our advice. We understand no two clients are the same, so we take time to understand you and your goals before we design anything, ensuring the design can maximise aesthetic and functionality without blowing your budget. In simple terms; we're here to be your special support system for all things electrical.

Electrical Engineering and Design

We offer detailed engineering design and support on site. Our focus is innovation, sustainability and providing a high level of quality in our work. Electrical safety is particularly relevant to your projects and supported by ECA's project experience. We form part of our client's teams in identifying and suggesting solutions to electrical issues on site. We bring the value of our learning over decades and on a variety of projects with multiple electrical interfaces and circumstances to support your project.

Technical Audits and Surveys

We assist our clients in the assessment of existing facilities, establishing compliance with Code, Regulations, Safety of Operation and general technical matters relating to electrical systems. This service can reduce your liabilities and ongoing costs.

Commissioning and Design Management

Our key role in leading commissioning and design is to anticipate potential project risks and activities, so that the team is better prepared to deliver successful projects to our clients while considering the safety of the team and third parties.