Action plan for Fremantle

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce releases the Greater Fremantle Action plan, outlining opportunities for economic investment and development. The Plan was broken down into Economic Growth, Infrastructure and Transport, Culture and Community, Tourism and Retail, Food and Beverage. Fremantle is a vibrant community and has not seen significant growth in the last few decades. The Plan addresses key specific opportunities including quick wins, outlines main barriers and highlights key actions.

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EEWA panel discussion to review business startups, challenges and future opportunities

The Electrical and Electronic Engineers of WA (EEEWA) will host a panel discussion on business startups in UWA on Wed 29 Aug. Seven panelists experienced in new startups will face questions from eager students willing to explore new ventures for their future.

Our Director Marc will be in the panel, sharing the experience of setting up engineering firms in WA and inspiring young WA entrepreneurs to pursue their interests.

Claremont Heritage restored

The electrical substation on Stirling Highway is being refurbished to accommodate beautiful commercial spaces. The building will be restored to enhance its heritage features. Engineering Consultants Australia were engaged by Element who are leading the design from their Perth Office.

Claremont was a hub of activity in the early 20th Century. The Town’s growth merited its own municipal electricity supply. The first electric light was switched on in 1900, with electricity from a power house built by a private Co on Gugeri St.

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We research real life Off-grid

An increasing number of Australians are embracing solar energy and penetration is the highest in the world. Our Director, Marc has built an off grid house in the suburbs and wanted to experience the benefits and challenges. It has not been easy, with plenty of challenges and learning lessons. We share below some of these lessons for those interested in reducing their own impact on the environment.

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New smartcities funding opportunities

Round 2 is currently underway and Local Government Authorities (LGA’s) are preparing funding applications, teaming up and imagining a bright future with technology providing social benefits. These grants are fantastic initiatives to get various sectors of our daily life excited about technology and related advances.

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Regional WA shire embraces SmartCity technologies

We were engaged to provide lighting infrastructure to a public reserve in a regional WA town. The Shire had benchmarks on energy use, capital costs, and established practices relating to the lighting controls. We proposed the use of technology to assess the outcomes. We developed an alternative design, selectively departing from the pattern on previous projects, and introducing aesthetic design to the mix.

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Automation aversion

The residential automation offering has become rich and diverse. A range of options is now affordable and easy to use. Technology has moved faster than the resident’s ability to incorporate it in their daily routines. We explored recently a number of initiatives and summarise our findings here.

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Upcoming talk about an unusual project

This project is not the typical commission that our companies undertake. We bought a property where we could make a difference, the objectives being less clearly defined than when we work for a third party client. The architect is my life partner and all engineering aspects were done by myself and the Company. Our aesthetic, sustainability, creativity and comfort objectives played a larger part than the economic impact.

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Home automation easily available

A variety of options are now available for the automation of homes. Once it was an area for strong-willed, wealthy individuals, prepared to negotiate with reclusive technocrats and followed up by maintenance call outs to highly skilled and often unavailable specialists.

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New mentoring work prepares David for professional life

The mentoring work for 2018 got off to an energetic start. David has identified his goals. We were able to establish his interests, get some context on his strengths and career options.
David will be making contact with a number of key players in the world of engineering and smart technologies, seeking advice and hearing about the life of professionals in various fields of controls and electronic engineering.

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Project Management talk

We are honoured to get an invitation to present at the Town of East Fremantle. We will share over 15 mins learning gained in 35 years of managing  projects with a group of local entrepreneurs.

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New neighbours invest in WA

A new business has popped up on the brick paving around the E Shed, a stone throw from our offices We were curious and met a young couple investing in WA. Recently arrived from Germany, Phuc Hoai and Michael started up a new business to offer architectural shade structures.

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The stadium is now in use

What a fantastic journey it has been. I was involved in managing the team that wrote the engineering specifications, testing a very ambitious brief and developing it into engineering requirements, targets and key performance indicators. We created custom tools to measure, for example its sustainability outcomes. Throughout the engineering disciplines there was new ground, exploring international standards and seeking the right answer. Very demanding and equally satisfying.

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Horizons in 2018

We paused and reflected on what this brand new year may bring.
As we passed the 100 addresses where we had projects (some had multiple projects), we thought about what it is that we enjoyed in each one of these jobs.

There is no ultimate list of the eight things to make you a rock star. There are elements of projects that give us a kick and we then remember the project for a positive experience. We are all different and for us, these topics won the overall votes:

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Yanchep School nears completion

Very excited to be testing and checking few last engineering services details and witnessing safety services in operation at this brand new school. The project includes a range of new buildings, covering administration, sports, workshops, library, teaching and dining. Students will enjoy technical sciences and technology facilities, preparing them for the workforce of the future.

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