Mobile internet has been limited, priced above other options and often unavailable. We were surprised how mobile broadband for premises is now mainstream, affordable and compares with cabled NBN technology in service speeds.
Our office service provider lost service on Monday, perhaps connected to the lightning storm in the weekend. They were unable to locate the failure all day Monday and we have become very dependent on various cloud based systems, email availability, transfer of information and interconnectivity of mobiles with the office network. We were able to carry out a few tasks, just with the office network, operating as an isolated island.

One of the high street mobile phone service providers came up on top on mobile broadband service, cost and practicality. I got a pack in a box and in minutes we were back online. It connects on the local 4G network, has LAN connections and WiFi access. The office continued as if nothing changed. We can move this box to any other location in Australia and the coverage map looks very extensive, even in the regions, with 98.5% of the population serviced with coverage. Attractive compared with asking the NBN provider permission to move home and pay the associated reinstallation costs.

Some may remember landlines and the associated handsets, the same might happen with wired communication services? We retained the wired connection as a backup. The concept of a fixed wired communication is way too romantic, we have become emotionally attached to our line and cannot let go yet.

Australian communications standards are being changed so that emergency communications are mainly reliant on mobile networks and the NBN or wired communications will be a backup. Mobile internet has come a long way from paying per GB.